Obligatory Introduction

I am trying so hard not to convince myself that this is the first tiny step towards widespread, literary recognition. No, this is merely an outlet to get all of the words swimming around in my head to one place. And if people feel like reading my poetry that lacks meter, but drips with emotion, then so be it!

I have been writing poetry since middle school. When I matched my eye shadow to my Abercrombie shirt and I avoided drawing too much attention to myself. It was a way to cope with not fitting in completely. I started to write a world where I could openly express my feelings. I would really like to think that my poems have gotten better since then. I have stopped trying to rhyme, thankfully.

I continued to write through high school, fueled by heartbreak and regular teenage angst. Also coffee. Lots of coffee.

Now, in college, writing is still the outlet I run to every chance I get. The words keep me up at night until I get them out. This blog is an effort to organize them. Maybe this will keep me from doing crazy things like tattooing the poems on my arms, and forcing my sorority sisters to sit through dramatic readings. My ultimate goal is spoken word poetry. Reading them aloud allows me to weave personality and emotion into the lines.

These poems have both healed and broke me. I only hope that someone can relate to them. Heartbreak is universal, and healing is within reach.


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